Use icy hot to masturbate female

Why masturbating with Icy Hot is a bad idea The active ingredients in Icy Hot is Methyl Salicylate and Menthol, which causes an inability to lose your erection. . when around 75% of the conversations between male friends concerns their increasing interest in girls and/or masturbating, a friend of mine revealed that he. Just jerked off with the icy hot gel - Forums Mika. Age: 27. Hi gentleman ?? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. icy hot. A lubricant most often used for masturbation. guy 1: "hey you want to come over and play magic cards?" guy 2: "no way, I have better things to do right now. 4. Icy Hot. When a female sticks a cold popsickle in their vagina for a few minutes and procede to have sexual intercoarse right after the popsickle is removed. Alektra. Age: 24. Thanks for stopping by and a very warm welcome MODERATORS Oct 4, - If you spend any time at all on the Internet or here on, then you already know that there are so many different ways to masturbate. User kmusic asked, “Has anyone ever used an ice cube or anything cold for masturbation? Some of our girls on our boards are super experienced with this stuff. Jun 10, - No matter how much you love Trojan's Fire and Ice condoms, masturbating with Icy Hot, Bengay, or any other heating and tingling gels or lotions is not a great idea. It is not meant to go on your most sensitive parts, especially if there are mucous membranes down there. Both use capsaicin to get that warm.

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Raylene. Age: 28. All-natural, sensual southern girl Last night, my throat was kinda dry, so on my way to bed, I decided to get a cup of ice, so I could suck on it if I woke up with a dry throat. Well, I didn't only have a dry throat, but I was also very horny. I usually use some markers to get my self off, but last night, I added a li'l extra wetness. I put pieces of ice inside me, it felt so. i personally use hair conditioner as lube for when i fap in the shower.. that + hot water feels like a warm pussy. feels good man REALLY!!!! I've been using WD and it hasn't been working that good, I'm definitely gonna try Icy Hot, sounds good . I use Nair so I can shave and masterbate freaks out after masturbating with lotion that was. Jan 31, - lubricants around the home, for masturbation Try a lil hot/warm feel lyk heaven. I RECOMMEND YOU TO PUT ICE CUBE ALL OVER YOUR penis/BALLS EVEN IN PELVIC AREA (BETWEEN THE ANUS AND penis) ALSO USE BODY MOISTURIZER/LOTION AND OLIVE OIL HAVE FUN.


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