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He joked about it but i dont think so. He was the oldest of the Cena kids growing up from New Westbury. John Cena – THE LGBT UPDATE Sarah. Age: 24. i always have been a romantic and i am pretty sure that isn't going to change soon. If you like a weekend in paris, venice, or anywhere else you may dream to be, a picnic in the park or anyplace where we can just admire each others smiles under a moonshine, if you love to be discovered with a gentle touch and to be kissed like you never thought possible, then be my date! Now, a team like the Christopher Street connection? Sep 9, - no sir people do not like him but he is not gay. Tiffany. Age: 28. COF Is John Cena Gay? Or at least bisexual? Apr 8, - Try asking him in person. Dec 13, - Boy, wouldn't that be nice! Atleast that would mean that there would be a 50/50 chance that I could snag him! I'm crossing my fingers for that one.

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Camille. Age: 21. Great personality John Cena (born April 23, ) is a US actor and prominent professional wrestler in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). He was a college football Is john travolta gay or bisexual? r u sure? i saw a pic of him Juan Cena was a part of John Cena's gimick when he got fired by Wade Barrett. So clearly John Cena is. IT CAN REALLY MESS A KID UP IN THE HEAD if john cena started acting gay (keep in mind we are talking bout lil kids like who want to be like wwe superstars) kids hat age alwas try to act like there fav superstars ect ect so lets just say lil jonny saw cena kissing the rock next day at school lil. JOHN CENA (WWE) – Proudly Supports Gay Wrestlers To Come Out (Sports). Jan 23, INPAQ GAY, INTERVIEWS, LGBT, NEWS, SPORTS NEWS, VIDEO INTERVIEWS 0. hn C When WWE superstar Darren Young proudly came out during a unexpected TMZ interview, he sent shockwave within the pro sports.


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