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Oct 17, - It really depends on what you mean by having had 'a form of dry sex' Ejaculating inside a woman's vagina is not the only way to get her pregnant – though it's certainly the most common way that a pregnancy happens. Though the risk of pregnancy would be lower, it is possible to get a woman pregnant if. Virgin pregnant without penetration – Is it possible? | Pregnant Magazine Julianna. Age: 27. Skin: Tan The chances of conception go up even further if you are grinding in the nude. Again, the chance is slim, but sperm can be very motivated swimmers. im 13 and,i have had what seems like morning sickness, i have not had a period i think my last one was in feb,i feel it move all the time,my stomach is pretty big, i have never had sex but im almost completely sure that im pregnant m going to the doctor soon to find out for sure but is it possible. Julia. Age: 22. I love doing it coz it is a wonderful feeling that no one can give the proper explanation Here's How You Can Get Pregnant Without Having Sex Apr 17, - Dear Alice,. My girlfriend and I masturbate and have oral sex every day and we really enjoy it. One thing that concerns me is that although we have not had sex yet, we have frequent genital touch; we use our genitals to rub each other to get excitement. Will this cause some possibility of getting pregnant? Can You Get Pregnant Without Having Sex? Yes, it is possible for a woman to get pregnant without penetration of the penis into the woman's body in these instances: If a woman or the man touches pre-ejaculate or semen and then touch the vagina; If a man ejaculates near the vagina; If the man's penis contacts the.

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Tigerr. Age: 24. and mind-blowing sexual encounters with a down to earth, open minded, genuine lady -whatever the occasion Apr 21, - Technically it's possible to get pregnant without having sex, even if you're a virgin. That's the submission of experts. They warn that if you're not planning on having a baby any time soon, it's important to know what kind of sexual behaviour might put you at risk of getting pregnant. Gynaecologists say. It is also possible to become pregnant even if a man does not ejaculate but there is still penetration. This is because the pre-seminal fluid (sometimes called precum) to have sperm in it. While pre-seminal fluid is not produced with sperm in it, if there is sperm in the man's urethra from a previous ejaculation, the pre-seminal.


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