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ok, the real definition is this: You are doing a girl doggy style whilst she if facing a window to the outdoors half way thru your thrusting, you do a pull out move (to say finger her a little) but then your friend who is strategically hidden in the room sneaks in and inserts himself as if it were aspis.info is when you quietly exit the. The Horny Houdini - Cosmopolitan Natalie. Age: 25. Claudia This is very handy for those lulls in penile sensitivity Rape and Pillage Any four of these performed upon the same person over the course of a single evening Rapunzel When no amount of suggestion, persuasion, or begging will get a girl to go down on you and you're forced to resort to simply pulling her head down there by the hair Ray-Bans Put your testicles over her eye sockets while getting head. Screaming Seagull - While doing her on the beach, pull out, dip the tip of your dick in the sand, and then go right back at it. A sexual act where a guy is having sex with a girl doggie-style and is about ready to blow his load. He spits on the girl's back so that she'll think he's done. She turns around, never suspecting that the guy has his loaded piece ready to go. The guy then spunks right in the girl's eyes and he disappears quicker than Harry. Franceska. Age: 18. I do have some tatoos and piercings including an amazing tongue piercing The Horny Houdini Dude, you can't believe it, but I actually pulled off the great Houdini last night, granted I got slapped, but I am only the third man in all of history to have ever done it. when you are having sex in doggy style and you leave to go "wash your face" and your friend comes in the room and fucks her without her knowing, and you. Perform sex in a doggy-style position, and instead of faking ejaculating on the lady's back as you would in a houdini, you actually do ejaculate. When she turns around, you give her a right hook to the jaw. Not very nice, but neither is a houdini. Top points were given to the man who could pull off the most double houdinis and.

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Sandra. Age: 22. 100% protected no exceptions The Houdini: A sexual tactic / maneuver. While engaged in sex of the anal and/or doggie style variety, the penetrator pulls out his penile gland, then proceeds to spits onto his partner's back only to create the illusion that he has released his ejaculatories onto their backside. But oh no, that tricky bastard has saved up his love. (noun) during "doggy-style" you spit on her back to simulate cumming. She turns around and you cum on her face and shout "HOUDINI!". New sex position THE HOUDINI: This one takes speed and coordination, as well as a mate you trust. First, have your mate hide in a closet, ready to.


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