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Nov 17, - For approximately half of the population, the act of leg shaving represents just another day under the yoke of sexism. But for As for shaven legs: “On a guy who has some definition, they highlight that definition. It now over a week since I shaved my legs, and stubble is beginning to disturb my silken skin. Should Men Shave Their Legs? | Women’s Opinions On Male Leg Hair Jessica. Age: 27. I am cute and sweet as honey ;-) I have a feminine figure with curves at the right spots, I will keep you warm at night I'm not really into guys shaving any part of their body besides their face. Carin: "It's not as weird as shaving their legs. Men should have some hair though unless it's just ridiculously dark and thick." Amanda: "No! Most baseball players do this, and we all know how they look." Jenna: "Yes!! It's so unattractive when you're lying in bed next to a guy and his second-day shaved arm rubs against yours. Alura. Age: 23. I like give and receive pleasure Dear men: Here's what women really think about your body hair Of course! Why would it be bad? They're just shaving. Such a mundane thing people do all the time. And yeah, maybe you're thinking about what other people might say, like “only girls do that!”, Or “real men don't shave”. I know. But I think we're. How to Shave Your Legs (Male). Whether you're an athlete or just enjoy the feel of having smooth skin, shaving your legs is a fairly simple process. All you need is some patience and concentration, especially the first time you do it. But.

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Sindee. Age: 29. Be ready to experience a mutually satisfying yet uncomplicated relationship with a fun-loving, first class, extremely sensual bucharest companion. You're going to go through more razors if you shave your legs at home. Just think about the amount of surface area that you've got to be shaving. You will go through one razor a day (or in the case of that unlucky guy I talked about, two.) If you don't change out your razors regularly you're likely to end up with ingrown hairs. Bare legs feel too feminine.” - Lauren B. “Please leave your leg hair. I mean, if you can braid it, trim it. But for the most part I love a no-fuss guy.” - Anne S. “It's unnatural. I hate that.” - Sam K. “It's hypocritical for me to say 'it's natural, keep it' when it's natural for women to have hair and we shave or wax it all off. But, yeah. Had an awesome day preparing for the Ironman Cairns. Am so keen to race tomorrow. Hi, I'm Cahn You can.


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