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Mar 3, - Besides, as I said, even though there is nothing wrong with masturbation at any age, since you are a male there is no earthly way your doctor could know that you masturbate unless you tell him or her. They are unlikely to ask you, too. If you were old enough, they might ask if you are having sex yet, so they. Ask the Doctor: How to Talk about Sex Rainia. Age: 26. Most of Lancashire most of Cheshire Ask Your Own Question. Masturbation is a taboo, especially when it comes to women. If a woman dare say she masturbates, heads turn and the way people look at her changes. But what is there to shy away from when it's your own body you are pleasuring? In fact, if we go strict medical, masturbation is a yes-yes. Trust us when we say, doctors. Jan. Age: 27. Sex Ask the Doctor: How to Talk About Sex? Ask a doctor online and get your health queries answered for free. Now Consult My penis is curved, region masturbation What is solution in this problem Please help me Ppppppppzzzzz. 16 Views Hello Doctor, From past couple of days, if I masturbate I found some kind of discomfort and mild pain in my penis. Is there. 1 day ago - Guys! There is nothing to shy about now it's your doctor who is going to advise you to masturbate at times when you just can't resist but to play with that iron pole. And, here are the reasons for this mercy! 1. Prevents Cancer. Yes, it indeed does. An Australian study pointed out that men who ejaculated more.

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Loni. Age: 23. Hello!!! I am Mirela a lovely Russian girl who loves to have fun! I am 25 young, energetic and very good looking Apr 3, - Teens are already often self conscious or embarrassed about changes in their body, from hair growth to genital development. Perhaps the most important advice for parents as it relates to masturbation is a respectful knock on closed doors before entering. Dr. Scott Frank, Director of the Master of Public. Dear doctor. I am a 19 year old male. I am addicted to masturbation. I masturbate so much times a day. Due to my over doing of masturbation process a large number of cuts and blisters Ask Your Own Question First of all if you feel so much of pain, then it would be good to have it discussed with a doctor or to a nurse. Do a bit of research before you see your doctor. Websites like this one, and those in our 'Useful Contacts' sections, will help you realize that your problem is very common and nothing to be embarrassed or shy about, and will help you prepare the best questions to ask your doctor.


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