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Apr 29, - I've read some other questions on here about men hitting the cervix with their penis and that the penis doesn't go through the cervix. I'm larger than The long and short of it is that the penis cannot penetrate the cervix during sex. A health care provider can help determine what is going on. For more. Possible to penetrate the cervix during sex? | Go Ask Alice! Harley. Age: 28. GAINESVILLE GA/LAKE LANIER AREA! One may like deep, full thrusting. This may lead to a full-body orgasm, with tingling sensations that come in waves from your head down to your toes. My doctor told me that I was probably penetrating my wives cervix because of my size and the fact that no leaking ever occurs after I cum into her. I feel a tighter area in her vagina and then i seem to "push through it". When I cum and pulsate it feels really tight around the head of my penis. When I pull out. Melody. Age: 24. I put emphasis on an effective communication from the very beginning whereas i make certain that we exchange all important information prior to each appointment so that there are no misunderstandings when we meet in person. If you decide to email me you can expect a quick, straight-to-the-point response (within the first 24 hrs) in which i also answer all your questions, whatever they might be. I am fair and treat everyone with respect. Cervix penetrated? Dec 21, - So to help you understand just what your cervix means to you, we asked doctors to share what they most wish women understood about the tiny organ. Despite the fact that the speculum they use to reach your cervix during your annual gyno exam seems huge, the cervix itself is actually pretty small. Jul 21, - At Your Cervix The vagina ends in the cervix, the knob-like opening to the uterus through which menstrual blood exits. With deep thrusting, an average length penis will probably reach the cervix; a long penis will definitely hit the mark. Some women love to have their cervix pounded; others hate it. Ask your.

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Latex. Age: 27. hello guys He's lying for sure. Penetrating the cervix causes cramping. The whole reason women experience pain during their menstrual cycles and labor is because of the cervix opening up to allow passage. The doctor checking the position of the baby in the womb is very uncomfortable because they have their fingers in the cervix. Jan 24, - What happens if penis is penetrated in cervix? Me and my boyfriend had sex for first time i think i got penetrated in my cervix. It hurts a little when i touch it. My friend said to me that many people do the same mistake and it is not a big deal but i am scared. Is this a severe problem? Should i consult a doctor? Then, after removing the toy, a very long penis went inside her. The view of her cervix was blocked by the penis, but judging by the previous part of the video and the close proximity of her cervix to the outside, this guy was actually penetrating her uterus with his penis, and acutally ejaculated into it, When he.


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