Do christian parents spank

Derek!" I yelled as my young son trotted into the street. I prayed that if my little boy didn't stop, the oncoming car would. As parents, we all know how important it is to have obedient children. At times, their lives will depend on it. But as Christian parents, we also understand that discipline is about much more than shaping a. Should a Christian continue spanking his/her children if it is illegal? Lexie. Age: 25. Every man time to time needs to have at least some fun and you can be sure that with a special girl you will get alot of that None of that matters to governments, but it should matter infinitely to Christian parents. For the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives. Feb 16, - John Piper explains why he believes it's God-like and healthy to spank. God brings sufferings into our lives, and the writer of the Hebrews connects it to the parenting of God of his children. This is a wrong view of God! God uses suffering to discipline his children. So do we. Now, you don't damage a child. Brenda. Age: 21. I love meeting new people O? "Should I Spank My Child?" Jun 13, - In cases such as these, one may never get one's children back again, because the government may not see you as a suitable parent because you spanked your children. What would you do as a Christian parent in Norway? Wouldn't it be better to NOT spank your children and be sure that your children will. Statists have a fervent, almost religious belief, that a government that is run according to progressive ideology will ultimately produce a utopian paradise on earth. They believe this As Christians, how should we view this subject, given the intense resistance to spanking in the liberally dominated media? We believe the.

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Riley. Age: 27. I am fully INDEPENDENT and my pictures are REAL and ACCURATE so if we meet, you can be assured I will not look any different Some Christians think that a parent should spank their children because they think the Bible tells them to do so. Because Christians believe the Bible There is a warning to parents in the New Testament to make sure that they do not do something that ends up provoking the children to wrath. The first part of Ephesians Many parents do not spank their children for fear of being reported to the government and risk having their children taken away. What should parents do if a government has made physical discipline of children illegal? According to Romans , parents should submit to the government. A government should never. Answer: The subject of “Christian spanking” is a divisive one, even among believers. Several countries have banned the corporal punishment of children, yet many parents consider spanking an essential tool in discipline. When the law forbids spanking, the question arises—if spanking is illegal, do parents have the.


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