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Sep 7, - Welcome to rodo, a collection of dark and interesting stories that have been culled from the Internet. These are stories that appealed to readers of a certain sense of fantasty. They are intended to only be fantasty, there is no "real life" involved. Many of the stories have a supernatural or fantastic aspect to. #cannibal Stories - Wattpad Serafina. Age: 28. your amber One of the best stories featured here. For Writing and Story , I rate these based on originality, storytelling, grammar and just the plain craft of the language. Oct 28, - Also high marks to stories with the plot that doesn't seem like a contrived fanfiction or fetish fodder. As for Erotic Impact, it's how much the story's cannibal angle peak our arousal. Stories with a low Erotic Impact rating doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad story, just one that is not geared to titillate us in an. Rosalva. Age: 30. 35 and northwest hwy Short Stories Like "The Walking Dead." But in Britain. A young woman invites new friends for a Halloween gathering. Made into a dickgirl and experimented on - then it goes bad. A story about survival in a land torn apart by chaos. and other exciting erotic at! brutal busty camp camping cannibalism capture car castle cemetary cemetery cfnm chained chains cheating cheating wife christmas church club cock cock sucking coed coercion collar college consensual control cop corruption costume costumes cougar couple cowgirl creampie creature creepy crime drama cuckold cum.

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Dayna. Age: 18. May be great to hear from you! May 27, - Don't read this if you are offended by fairy tale type characters of indeterminate age, very questionable consent, attempted cannibalism(?!), obscene cutlery, mammoth root vegetables and/or the misuse of butter. A Meal of You An Erotic Fairytale. It was another day in a long chain of hot summer days spent. Apr 18, - Dana climbs the stool and voluntarily hangs as the males take turns giving her a flying fuck. Her husband decides to let her go all the way. Afterwards they dispose of her body before calling it a night, taking the other two dead bodies away to be stored for the neighborhood barbecue the next day. (Synopsis: A story in which both the author and her characters go way too far.) Comment: It is a "Over the Top" story. Well written. Kind of funny in it's own way. Very erotic. Pool Party: by pamela (Synopsis: "You have a daughter," Rafer said) Comment: pamela's stories always had some surprise elements and fun to read.


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