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Sep 29, - New MMSA story: 'Spanked by Friends Mom' by Sicko26us. I was over at their house playing the new Mario (the original Nintendo version) when there mom came home from work. She walked I heard through the door "smack" "smack" I could tell through the sounds he was getting it on the bare bottom. Mother Spankings, Bad Boy paddled, Naughty girl bare bottom spanking Erin. Age: 21. Hi dear, welcome to my exciting world! Public spankings were also common but most were private. The two had been caught smoking and Becca's mom had called Laurens mom. Jan 10, - They'd think she was nuts! But ever since she had witnessed her best friend, Marla, getting it from her mother, Tina couldn't help but think about getting her own spankings on a daily basis. Tina's parents had never and would never spank her, and until this afternoon, Tina had never mustered the courage to. Dahlia. Age: 29. Hello, iґm ewa. I have slim sexy figure and perfect tits. I am 24 years old, 46 kg and 165 cm. Last Discipline Home Spanking She figured seeing the effects of a good spanking acted as a deterrent; that a spanking with a hairbrush on a bare bottom didn't stop hurting nearly as soon as a regular handspanking. And Sue made darn sure that Peggy would feel (and her sisters would see) the effects for several days. Sue was confident the hairbrush. May 1, - Hastily saying goodbye to their friends, Jenny dragged Susie by the arm and hurriedly walked back to her mother's house muttering under her breath how she was in big trouble and there . All she knew was that she was lying over a very firm lap, her bare bottom on show, receiving her first ever spanking.

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Marcy. Age: 27. Beautiful well educated cultured Nov 4, - She had witnessed her friend Becca receive a spanking from her mom. It was exciting to Lauren to see her friend bare bottomed and over her moms knee, and the image of her red bottom stuck in her mind. When her mom stopped talking Lauren, without thinking, asked "Are you going to spank me?". Nov 21, - A Spanking for a Friend Hi Spankos I enjoy reading well-written spanking stories as well as writing them. The stories I write are fictional Finally Cynthia's mother gave Sally a welcoming smile as she spoke warmly, “I am happy that my daughter has found a worthy friend at last. However, on the matter of. Feb 12, - The following story was inspired by my last post “Emily Needs A Bare Bottom Spanking Desperately!” (Linked below) Happily, it was written by a friend (and edited by me) who shares a similar fetish: The complete joy and the turn on from public bare bottom spanking stories. You are also welcome to send.


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