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Dec 8, - And Videl spanking Ukyo by using her own giant spatula against her for using food as a deadly weapon. And it would be even funnier if the fiancees say something like Akane: WAAAAAAA!!! NOW I'LL NEVER HIT RANMA ANYMORE!!; Kodachi: HOW CRUEL THESE MORTALS BE!; Shampoo: SHAMPOO'S. Ranma ½ / Funny - TV Tropes Brianna. Age: 28. Available for Outcalls, I really enjoy the company of Classy Gentlemen Believing Ryoga to be well and truly lost, Ranma heads back to the Tendo Dojo when he suddenly gets a special delivery which Ryoga packaged himself in and promptly jumps out to punch Ranma for what he did. Mar 23, - And immediately began running towards Ranma, this gave Shampoo opportunity to stick her leg out and trip the angry looking man running towards her Master . “Spank? The hell?” Ranma asked, before the same mental image that came to Akane plagued him. ”You've been a bad girl Shampoo.” Akane. Camille. Age: 22. You have fallen upon a Diamond in the rough, A true lady on the outside but a naughty girl on the inside DB-Z-GT/Ranma art request Next Chapter. The Two Shampoos Back at the Tendo Dojo, Ranma, Ryoga and Akane do their best to take care of the mushrooms once again. Unfortunately the little boys keep squabbling over Akane gives Ranma a spanking for force feeding Ryoga a mushroom that turns him into a three year old. Soon Akane realizes. Shan Pū / Shampoo: Anime Addventure – Playthings: Shan Pū's Evening Entertainment · Anime Addventure – Master's Way: Internal . Unending BE – NerimaPC: Nabiki's Fetish Service · Unending BE – NerimaPC: Shampoo's Spanking · Unending BE – NerimaPC: Nabiki Gets.

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Chloe. Age: 25. Bonjour Akane the Dominatrix! – 4: Ranma's Plan. (episodes of the Anime Addventure): Anime Addventure – Sexpet Nabiki: Naughty Kittens and Spanking Skunks Anime Addventure – WHPG, The Return: Shampoo Surprise; Anime Addventure – Pokégirls (GD): Pokégirls Make a Great Show – Revisited. K With news of a possible cure, Ranma and Ryoga rush in search of a special spring in Japan. Shampoo, Mousse, and Genma all come along for the ride. But is there something ranma. ranma1. ryoga. Algo inesperado by FrikiOtaku_. Ranma Saotome y Akane Tendo son dos jovenes de corta edad (16). Ranma. Naked. Kneeling. With a collar on her neck. Before a warrior. Who has just purchased her. How the heck did this happen? Content Tags: BDSM Rape Trans Oral Slavery Fingering Shampoo also stumbles by and joins the frey. Content Tags: HJ M/F Oral BDSM Anal Toys Exhib Voy Rape Humil Spank MC.


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